It’s pretty simple…

Trust and Reputation + Ease + Speed = Best place to sell.
No refiners discounts, no travel expenses, no hassle, quick payments.

For over 5 years GoldHog® has been trusted by sellers of gold.  We are US based, out of Georgia, and our company is based on integrity and service.  PLEASE… feel free to ask anyone.


Step #1 – Read the Rules Below


Simple Rules to Follow…

  1. If you don’t like our pricing or rules, please feel free to sell elsewhere. There is NO ONE around that has such an easy to use, streamlined system for selling gold that pays 85% of spot price for RAW placer gold. (We do not discount for purity.)
  2. We only buy from prospectors and miners.  That means the gold you have came from panning, prospecting, highbanking, dredging, or running mining equipment.  We do not buy from others and we do not buy smelted gold.
  3. First time sellers are often asked to send a smaller amount and pictures.
  4. We charge a $20 per transaction fee. WHY? We have a lot of people wanting to sell small quantities, 1-4 grams. There are a lot of administrative costs that go along with each transaction. On small sale amounts we often lose money, therefore this discourages very small sale amounts. If you’re selling 10 grams or more, it’s really not that big of a deal.
  5. BEFORE SHIPPING – You must get an APPROVAL CODE which we will email within 24 hours after you fill out the sell form.
  6. Your gold must be clean from all debris and black sand. You must ALSO run a magnet over it before shipping as well. These magnets can be bought at WalMart or ordered from Amazon.  See example HERE.
  7. We only pay via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to get paid.

Step #2 Go the the
How to Sell Page


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