People ask the question “Where do I sell my placer gold?”  time and time again and the answers can be confusing.  However, we’ve been doing this a LONG time, and it’s fairly clear to us.  before you make your choice I want you to understand that TRUST… plays a huge role in selling your gold.  A company should have a very public profile and DON’T deal with individuals, EVER.


At GOLDHOG we came up with a SIMPLE and easy way for sellers of placer gold to get paid a FAIR price.

#1 You must be able to weigh your gold. This means spending about $30 for a decent scale on Amazon.

#2 Your gold must be clean from black sands and debris. We don’t want you to clean the ACTUAL GOLD… but make sure it is free from non-gold sand and debris.

#3 Take the current spot price of gold on the day you send it, divide it by 31.1 (that converts it into grams)  and multiply that times .85  (85 percent) That is the price we both agree to.

#4 Package it like we say in the directions and ship via priority mail.

We generally pick up gold from the post office twice a week and pay within 48 hours of pickup.

This is BY FAR… the easiest and best way to sell your placer gold.