How to calculate what I get paid? 

Take the Current Ounce Spot Price of gold $________ ÷ (divided by)  31.1

That will give you the current price per gram.

Multiply that by x  .85  (85%)

That is what we pay per gram for placer gold.
(We do not further discount for purity which most refiners do.)

Take that number x (times) the number of grams you have to find your total due.
Subtract our $20 processing fee and that’s it.

If Current Gold Price is  $1200 ÷ 31.1 = 38.58 per gram

$38.58 x .85 = $32.79 is what we pay.

You have 20 grams then… 20 x $32.79 = $655.80 – $20 fee = 635.80 we pay you.