STEP #1… Go back to the HOME PAGE and read the rules if you haven’t READ them.

Then…. you can read on.

Once you are set up as a seller, the process is quick and easy.


What do we pay?


We pay 85% of spot price for raw placer gold.
How to figure this out? Go here ► How to Calculate
We do not discount for purity levels which most refiners do.
For each sale transaction we also have a $20 processing fee.
Read why we charge that HERE


How do I start selling to you?


New sellers must be approved. We ask you a few questions and usually
have you send a picture of you gold.  We often will require new sellers with
larger amounts, to send in a smaller sample on the first sale.


How do I ship it to you.


ONCE YOU GET APPROVAL.. both new and established sellers, You can go to THIS PAGE
and see how to ship it.


When your gold arrives to us….

  1. It will be inspected and weighed.
  2. We will run a magnet over it.
  3. We will re-weigh it.
  4. We will send money via PayPal within 24 hours of receiving it.
  5. NOTE: We only check the PO Box 2-3 times a week, we do not check daily.

How do I start selling you my gold? 

► Go to this page


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